2018 user experience on websites

User experience on “modern” websites is summed up by this clip by /u/ikstark as posted here

It pokes fun at incredibly annoying features that most websites implement like browser notifications, privacy form accept, an age to enter restriction, the need to know your location, a chat box pop up, subscribe to a newsletter, a disable adblocker to see content notification and finally a follow our social media pop up.

The only aspect of this that actually is crucial is the terms of service agreement with the GDRP legislation the rest of it is rubbish and can downgrade your website.

You can have your social icons and a newsletter to subscribe input but don’t make them forced, if someone enjoys your website they will make themselves seek to “enrol”.

Asking users to turn of their adblocker is a low act, I have written about this before it was the overloading of ads and autoplaying videos that forced adblockers so website owners are to blame.

With better javascript frameworks we seem to still have overloaded the modern web and websites are still complex and rather obtrusive. You can still have an excellent website from a marketing and SEO point without having it be a cluttered annoyance.