A stray hair; Article worthy?

Royal wedding, massive audience globally with huge interaction online. People, media and attention seekers are gonna shoot their shot but is an article about the brides loose strand of hair taking things too far?

Reference to news.com.au for this waste of space. The article seems to miraculously string sentences together about how a stray hair cast across Meghan Markles face was a massive issue that caused mass discussion online…

meghan markle stray hair

Maybe its a male thing but i see no issue with a strand of hair on ones forehead. I certainly don’t see reason for people to get triggered over such an occurance either.

Was the article made for clicks and attention? Yes it was. Is the article a disappointment to the real need for decent journalism and coverage on active world events? Yes.

Just looking at news.com.au homepage most of the linked articles are based on gossip, fashion, click bait and “celebrity” genre. I don’t blame them if these topics gets clicks, views and shares its just a pity it’s what we have come to. News now days can consist of what a celebrity wore. Its bizarre.

A fashion blog or something dedicated to celebrity gossip once upon a time would have run content on outfits and relationship goss, now these so-called mainstream media players will smash out rubbish in the name of clicks.

Perhaps me writing a blog post on this “issue” is over the top but dear me, the whole idea of doing something for clicks/attention/views is not a pleasant one in my eyes. Horses for courses but nothing beneficial or positive is achieved by these articles from “media” outlets.