a6500 vs a6000 1080p 60fps

Having seen 1080p on the a6500/a6300 isn’t as good as the a6000 being stated on forums I decided to check it out.

a6000 doesn’t do 4k so it puts all its eggs into the 1080p basket yet the a6500/a6300 does 4k and most likely was built around that.

The bitrate is the same (60M) and the frames were the same (60fps) for this comparison but you can do 120 fps on the a6500/a6300.

Using the same lens (18-105mm) I switched between the a6000 and a6500 to get test footage at 53mm.

a6500 vs a6000 1080p

a6500 vs a6000 1080p crop 150
a6500 vs a6000 1080p crop 150

Honestly its close and I don’t know if its my eyes playing tricks on me but the a6000 is the tiniest bit sharper. It’s very marginal, plus unless you needed the high frames just stick to 4k anyway it is crisp.