Accepting the terms and conditions means subscribing to spam

Bad idea, dodgy and sends the vibes of prepare your email inbox to be bombed. Accepting the terms and conditions for something should not also mean accepting to receive “communications” emails.

AFL Fantasy
Just why?!

This scenario occurs with AFL Fantasy. To register to play you have to accept the terms and conditions which also means opting in to get junk sent to you from the AFL.

The fact that you need to do something like this sets precedents that you desperately want an email database to bombard with useless and un important information or maybe you want to sell these emails of to third party companies.

Should you be surprised the AFL is an orgainsation doing this? Nah I don’t think so, under Gillon McLachlan the AFL’s biggest achievements sit as failed expansions, scandals amongst senior staff and their young colleagues  and recently changing club songs but the clubs saying no we will keep using the old version. If Gillon McLachlan is trying to make some sort of legacy its failing and only a remembrance of the time the AFL didn’t improve in its digital formats stands.

Aside from that its a sneaky practice and perhaps they know to well if there was an option to opt into “communications” emails no one would click it, why would they?!

In a case like this thankfully AFL Fantasy isn’t the only option for those wanting to play fantasy AFL variants with Supercoach actually being bigger. It’s the easiest way to end unethical and dodgy behaviour by just closing down your account and switching to someone who cares and/or is better. Of course you can just block or unsubscribe from the emails (if that works) but again its this behaviour in the first place that needs to be condemned.

If you run a service and you make accepting the terms and conditions also mean accepting “communications” emails please rethink what you do, it really sets perception on what you are as an organisation.