Adobe, always raising the price of creative cloud

Adobe Premiere pro, Photoshop and Lightroom CC are excellent products, I use them a lot and i am sure many others would agree that the Adobe collection is an excellent inter connected software set.

Creative cloud is the entry fee to access these products, as an example you pay $72.59 AUD per month to access all the Adobe apps or you can get single app $28.59 p/m or the photography set (Lightroom and Photoshop) for $14.29 AUD p/m. As I got that data I was thinking yeah that’s a lot to pay! (source).

adobe creative cloud price rise
Prices are AUD

I am currently paying $18.69 AUD p/m for creative cloud all apps access. This is on an early 2017 student plan. So I got the best of both worlds as of now this plan would cost $28.59 AUD p/m. Thats $10+ more and you really have to think why Adobe???

Adobe sent me an email saying that my annual plan was coming to an end and my new plan would be $39.99 AUD p/m this plan is stated as student and teacher edition. Now how come when i go on the website I can see this plan listed for $28.59 but Adobe is going to put me on the same plan for $39.99?? Hmmmm fishy.

I am for sure not the only one to be surprised, shocked and questioning why each year Adobe jacks its prices up.

Every year, for no reason

Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4, Example 5, etc etc are all cases asking why on earth Adobe jacks prices. Weak excuses like exchange rate get stated but the exchange rate from now to 3 years back is consistent. Plus Creative cloud is a digital good, Adobe don’t have to ship it here or pay for warehousing it’s absolutely ridiculous each year the price for Creative cloud rises.

This Gizmodo article states that Adobe creative cloud prices have risen 250% since 2014! Wow Adobe cmon now. If they ever want an answer on why Adobe torrents have gone through the roof and are as popular as ever it may just be (it is) because each year Adobe raises the price of Creative cloud with no reason, explanation or even excuse.

Adobe please, you’re turning people away to other means.