Adobe deletes mans data; Sued for 5 million dollars

It has been claimed that Adobe Premiere Pro deleted files from a Maryland Photographers computer that had nothing to do with Premiere Pro and he did not have backups.

It is an entirely preventable or at least minimal impact if you do the sensible thing and have backups. Whilst setting up a backup system takes initial time and money it will at some point pay off.

For a photographer to not have backups or a system in place that is pretty concerning and a rather old approach to a digital workflow. Hard drives external and internal are to be had cheap now days. The claimant claims to have lost over 500 hours of footage and an estimated $250,000 from the files source.

If Premiere Pro did in fact delete the mans files then that is a worry and a failure on their behalf. You could understand it deleting files associated with the program but when it removes files that have no association with Premiere Pro then that bug needs to be squashed ASAP.

It is an interesting case, on one hand the man should have had backups so that if his data was deleted he could restore. But Adobe also should never delete files not associated with its programs.

The 5 Million dollar class action adds some spice, its big money and I am not sure with all respect that the mans data was worth that much. However it is said that the claim is for anyone who purchased Premiere Pro 11.1.0 and had their files deleted.

The outcomes from this with no surprises are: Always backup your work/data/files and you can’t trust software in certain aspects.