Advantages of an online store

Online store ecart

Having an Online store versus a physical store has its many points of difference, There are both positive and negative aspects to an online store, e-commerce, e-store… the list goes on the following are the advantages.

Greater range of customers

By having a store on the internet it is (when setup properly) accessible by anyone with the internet and/or someone with a smartphone. Now in this modern world that is a very large percent of the population. Depending on your shipping options you can have interstate and international customers something which is rare if you have a standalone store in a city or town.

Always open and available

Another point is opening hours, an online store is open 24/7 an can be shopped at 3am whereas your standalone shop is open from 9am-5pm restricting customer access somewhat. Your online store can be browsed by someone with their smart phone on their 30 minute lunch break, a real hassle free experience for the customer.

Demand for supply

Lets take the example that you make lovely hand knitted sweaters which only get worn in cooler months. If you had a standalone store once the cooler months were gone you’d be sitting idle. however with an online store (if done right) you can sell and supply to alternating parts of the globe when its cooler weather in their location.


This only applies if you sell intangible products which can be a service or subscription type product such as web hosting or a streaming service subscription. You can have the service details/ login information be sent straight away through automation once the payment has been accepted and authorised. You can potential run a online business autonomous through using the right methods.

Lower operating costs

An online store will have less costs involved than a standalone physical store. Rent, utility bills, staff wages and upkeep are some basic costs associated with this, however most of these are defunct with an online store. You will still spend most of your costs on postage or shipping and of course initial outlay on setting up your online presence (domain name, hosting).  But once the outlay has been done shipping and postage are really the main portion of operating costs for an online business.