Advertising Unlimited data that is throttled should be illegal.

How can companies be allowed to throw around Unlimited data when it gets severely limited after you use 10 or 15GB? Frustrating as it gets. Unlimited means infinite use, for infinite time. Having that so called unlimited data throttled makes it no longer unlimited.

unlimited meaning dataAs you can see the first two words; not limited. Throttling the so called unlimited data after you have used a certain amount is not unlimited. Its plain and simple. Im really not sure how using unlimited data terms in promotions holds up.

Early this year Telstra got banned for using ‘Unlimited data’ terms for 3 years , Why only 3 years is bizarre.  But if Telstra can get dragged through the courts why not AT&T and Verizon, or all telecommunication companies?

What makes it worse to me is the draw card of using the word unlimited is a massive factor in sucking consumers in. Without the wording unlimited the 15GB of data then throttling to slow speeds looks much less enticing.

This issue also comes with telcos being renown for having sloppy service and dodgy billing. Maybe its just the service industry in general, relying on the laziness of consumers not wanting to read the fine print.

The issue with services is the customer cant actually shut it off or close the service without going through a support agent. The customer rarely has full control, making services a difficult industry.