AFLX finally has its launch

Almost a week out from its first airing AFLX was finally launched today and given not a lot has been known about this new AFL product a few more details got released.

A metallic silver ball will be used which should reflect the sun nicely but more importantly the 10 points for a goal scored outside 40 meters has now been sold off. A 10 point goal is going to be called a “Zooper goal” in reference to the Zooper dooper which will be the competitions major sponsor.

AFLX ball and trophy
AFLX ball and trophy CREDIT: AFL photos

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan said that AFLX had been several years in the making in which i find it very hard to believe unless they completely left out the marketing part to their new expansion. He also said based on the success of AFLX it could go international, well at this point i am forecasting that AFLX will have more success overseas given the little marketing efforts given to the product.

Potentially having the AFLX not on free to air tv in its debut year may well hurt its chances for growth. Put that with the games being hosted in regional areas and star players set to miss for “fitness” reasons the AFLX is not set to explode into a fantastic hybrid everyone wants to watch.