Amazon Australia redeems its self

Here, here, here and here all about the Amazon launch into Australia being one hot flop. It was hyped up as a saviour for Australian consumers, it would bring prices down and provide more options.

It didn’t do that, shipping was slow and range was little. But since the launch there is a sign of life. I was in the market to purchase a camera battery charger plus at least one extra battery. I checked eBay, Aliexpress and Amazon. eBay was the best option due to fast shipping and the price being not that much higher $59.98 was the best price to factor in Australian stock and a decent product.

Thats quite expensive but I thought at the last moment to jump on Amazon Australia and have a look. Well well well for $21.99 I could get the same product, in fact this one seemed a tad more premium. The total with shipping came to $29.98! Very good indeed.

Cheap and fast shipping

Thats not all though, i placed the order Sunday night and Tuesday morning it was at my door. Well done to Amazon Australia doing what they are supposed to do.

So i got a cheaper product than anywhere else, it was local stock and the shipping was quick! You cannot ask for anymore than that. I do believe the product was from a seller on Amazon so the actual usage may vary but this seller did an excellent job.

$59.98 Ebay product

$21.99 Amazon Australia product