Amazon Australia’s launch flop

amazon aus fail

Here we have a prime example of what is fundamentally wrong with Amazon in Australia. On the left a product of the Australian Amazon on the right the USA Amazon, as you can see its a lot cheaper to buy from the overseas website.

This isn’t the only common problem with Amazon Australia since their flop of a launch, the shipping is super slow. You really are better of going Amazon USA for a cheaper price and quicker postage, that in itself puts Amazon Australia to shame on its aim.

At this point it looks like Amazon Australia wanted in on our inflated prices rather than to break open the market. Because as of right now its a dead set flop, it Gave a slight nudge to our bricks and mortar retailers but they will soon slip back into their old ways.

You could imagine a launch that was somewhat rushed and pushed out to beat the christmas period was the cause of its. It can be fixed yes and over time slow postage and massive price difference will be sorted to a degree, this wont fix the flop that Amazon Australia was on launch.