Amazon Australia shifting into gear

Amazon Australia are fighting hard, its been a year and a half since their introduction into the Australian market and the service is doing the right things.

Amazon Australia logo

Having somewhat already given Amazon Australia praise here almost a year ago, things have only got better.

The range

The Amazon Australia range is very decent and for searching (mostly just for prices) the product has been found. From a glance it appears clothing lacks in variety but for tech, electronics, beauty and health the amount of products is very satisfactory. There is also “home brand” products which bring the cheaper price but questionable quality to the table.


The priority shipping (free with Amazon Prime on $50+) is fast. Next day delivery is common and often the result and that’s even for regional deliveries. This is something that wasnt possible early on for Amazon Australia but they have sorted it out now. Being able to offer very quick shipping and delivery puts them above eBay and inline or even above the other Aussie retailers.

If you don’t have Prime and need to pay for priority shipping the price is very good. $7 was my quote for several bits and pieces that wont just fit in a small box.

Membership (Amazon Prime)

Amazon Prime is worth it. Basing on you that you but from Amazon regularly. I have an eBay Plus membership and think its a joke, totally not worth it. I see no value in eBay Plus but do absolutely see value in having an Amazon Prime membership at $6.99 per month.

Essentially the cost for priority shipping yet you get Prime video, reading and music.


Here is something not so impressive. The tech prices aren’t great. Boring prices, however for accessories and even the bulk foods the prices are as good as they get. The store page is a good gauge, plenty of posts but no consistent “winners”.

This factor may well be the result of import tax or exchange rate and Amazon Australia is not alone in having unattractive electronics pricing.

Customer service

Often not even needed but reviews or visions on how a company’s customer service deals with issues is highly important. From what I have read its inconsistent in outcome but overall its ok.

I personally had an issue with the product description being wrong, the item being sent was x1 and not several as clearly stated. Others got a refund and credit, some even got to keep the product. I just got a refund, Consistency would be great.

With time I would love to see Amazon continue to push for a greater range, clothes and homewares especially. Mostly keep with the competitive prices and push to hurt eBay who just seem to be contempt with being basic.