AMD Ryzen 9 3000 lineup for July 2019

What seemingly has been a long wait has come to an end, AMD have announced the next Ryzen lineup. Series 9 Ryzen 3000 from the notes looks like another stake driven into Intel.

Ryzen 3000 lineup

Keep in mind this isn’t the top end, enthusiasts range rather simply the “basic” range made for gamers and media editors. At most the core count stays similar to previous generation apart from the 3900X, the clock speeds are up and the prices are down.

Its the AMD way, not only do they undercut Intel in pricing they pack serious punch and performance to make it stupidity to buy blue.


The Ryzen 3900X contains a massive 64MB L3 cache, which will assist greatly in its speed to process information. 12 cores @ 3.8Ghz under $500 USD add to what will be a powerful workhorse.

On a surprising note with the higher clock speeds comes the admirable TDP (Total draw power). 105W for the 3900X and 95W for 3600X. AMD pre Ryzen were notorious for being hot power suckers, to which now thats not even a thought.

It will be interesting to see how accurate the RRP prices are, on release you can expect at or above but weeks on discounts can be had in instances. Currency conversions also usually blow this RRP out and seems to be a good excuse for retailers to make extra.

Here is a table showing the 5 Ryzen 3000 chips as per

CPUCores/ThreadsClock/BoostTDPTotal Cache MBRRP USD
AMD Ryzen 3000 2019 lineup
AMD Ryzen 3000 2019 lineup

This next generation Ryzen lineup says a few things; AMD continue to do the right things and push their product to be cutting edge. The Ryzen range keeps improving, as it should but its improvement is relative to the RRP and performance.

To be able to purchase a 6 core CPU that will go at 4.4GHz, great at gaming for just $249 is incredible. For perspective late 2015 i bought a 4 core 3.5/3.9GHz i5 6600k for more.

If there was ever a time to think that high powered computing is getting very accessible to many demographics it is now. If only the graphics cards market looked this way.