Another redesign for Vultr

June 10 2019 brings a fresh new face to Vultr. The new design brings an entire new Vultr logo as well as colors and icons.

Vultr V 2019

new vultr logo 2019
New Vultr logo 2019

The now old Vultr theme was in use from March 2016 to June 2019. Prior to March 2016 a very basic theme and panel style was used. Shows how much the times have changed.

Old Vultr Panel
Old Vultr Panel 2014-2016
New Vultr Panel
Vultr panel 2016-2019
Vultr redesign 2019
Vultr redesign 2019

According to Vultr the design depicts Vultr as being the enterprise platform it is today.

The icons and buttons have gone away from minimalistic to a layered 3d effect but that is no issue, the pages are still responsive and fast. Even with the mix of blue shades everywhere the overall design is simple.

Impressive is the ability to make all the white space seemingly not there and blend well with the colors and make a good mixture of wasted space and the information.

Navigating around the panels is still the same, using frames around text better defines the rows which is a good touch.

Another note is the rollout of the fast NVMe type storage, which makes SSD’s look slow. Although at this stage you can only deploy the NVMe type in New Jersey.

You can download the new Vultr logos as well as a style guide from the brand assets page.