Apple appetizer; Samsungs unavoidable partnership with Facebook

Imagine in this day and age not being able to fully remove an app from your phone, imagine if that app was the now infamous Facebook. Samsung and android phones currently for explicit reasons make Facebook un removable.

The most important thing to know is why has Facebook written up a contract that makes them be un removable?

Why be completely un removable for?

Obviously its the data and tracking they will be harvesting in the background. Even if you don’t have a Facebook account they will be building some sort of profile to make money in selling your data and to also feed their algorithms.

Other apps are already sending of juicy data to Facebook, so why does Facebook need to ensure their own app cannot be removed from a new phone?

Facebook for the past year has been noted as being vicious but for Samsung to be signing/agreeing/accepting to let Facebook have their way with their products, that’s just builds up Samsung’s enemies appeal.

facebook logo

The pre-installed app is meant to give users the phone experience right out of the box, from mid 2018 having Facebook on your phone is not a pleasant experience if you value your data and privacy.

It could be days, weeks, months until you realize that Facebook has been in the background of your brand new Samsung phone. No doubt the app comes active, ready to feed Mark Zuckerbergs hunger.

In the Galaxies Android firmware you can disable the app but not remove it, Although Facebook has said that disabling the app is the same as removing it. As if any one trusts that.

Lets not all be sell outs

Whether its true or not Apple seems to be and have built up the case that they will protect their users data and have a very tough stance on any apps trying to do the dodgy. IOS 12 brought warning features against Facebook tracking.

Through a locked down operating system and a strict app store Apple appears to have the simplistic control with privacy settings. Knowing the company isn’t taking money from Facebook is also another excellent reminder that Apple isn’t a direct pipe from your to Facebook like Samsung.

Another issue with Android is the bloatware just like this instance, Companies and platforms love to pay their way onto your phone. course most of these apps pay to be preloaded because no one will install that rubbish after the fact. The only apps preloaded onto your iPhone are Apple made.

If mid to late 2018 is a marking stick for Facebook’s performance and animosity amongst users then 2019 should bring further displeasure. Facebook’s and companies selling out to Facebook are feeling the strain, as they should.