Apple says bent iPad pros are normal

Apple is shipping $1,500 iPad Pros that have “slight” bends in them and is saying its normal. Classic save face response which frankly is just another embarrassment to the once power innovation brand.

Prices are up and quality is down, do consumers even care?

Release after release has iPhones, iPads, MacBooks rising in price. These products also come under fire for issues like throttling, dodgy keyboards and no real obvious reason for a higher price tag.

bent ipad pro apple

For a company that may have set the standard for tech companies with quality and innovation in the early 2000’s it’s a damn shame that Steve Jobs passing changed Apples direction.

Removing the headphone jack i have zero issues with if it makes the iPhone be slimmer and/or longer battery life but for the continuing flow of product issues combined with price rises thats a major annoyance.

Apple is still in my eyes the king; the feel, look and experience form an iPhone is second to none however I feel like if I ever get an iPhone that fails me i will be very frustrated.

Perhaps not anymore but the standard in superior product quality and performance Apple had with the likes of the iPhone 4 and early iPads & Macs was nothing seen before. No company has set the bar that high in industries since.

Comparing the iPhone 4 or even the iPhone 3GS to other models at the time is like comparing a car from today to one 15 years ago, massive difference in features and design.

Yet here we are with Apple shrouded in controversy every single product launch it does, the expectation that the product will have issues is common. Browsing r/Apple you can picture the “Apple product has issues” posts before you come across them.

Companies have issues every so often around manufacturing, it can be tough to control quality to the full extent, instead of putting the heat on Apple for the actual bent product how about their response?

By saying its normal is a clear attempt to deflect, its like playing it cool. Act like you don’t care but really you do care. It’s an issue.

Of course consumers can return it had they come across a bent iPad but the frustration for paying $1,500 and getting a bent bit of tech that the maker claims is “normal”… fuel to the fire.

Apple may as well face it, this is a defect not only to the Ipad but another defect added to the list of recent Apple defects. You can only stuff up so much before you’re in way too deep.