Apple says sorry, buy our batteries to fix our dishonesty

As you may or may not know tech giant Apple slowed performance on its older iphones if the battery was degraded. Meaning your old iPhone 6 would turn laggy forcing you to buy the latest tech. Well Apple got caught out and issued this message.

Essentially all Apple said was they did the performance buffering to extend battery life – not to make users frustrated and upgrade what would be a fine phone with a new battery.

They are offering $29 USD battery replacements, if your old iPhone meets requirements for a replacement. A Reddit user (NioPio) said this:

I was at the store, 3h of battery life, throttled to 1200mhz and no free replacement because battery health is 85% and therefore good. if the battery is so good, why do you throttle my phone and why can i only use it for 3 hours?

It seems Apple has harsh requirements for a dud or dying battery, the article is a well spun PR piece. As i expect Apple has a good PR team making the whole issue seem like Apple did not at all cover up its actions and not deliberately lag devices to get more iPhone sales.

A few points to why Apple is hiding from the truth here and not being fully honest:

  • Forcing consumers to buy a new device when a new battery would make the slow device work fine.
  • Hiding the fact they were slowing old device’s.
  • Making it seem like they were trying to help consumers by slowing device’s.
  • Not offering free batteries, rather batteries at a reduced price, Apple messed up but hey “buy our batteries to fix our dishonesty”.

buy our batteries to fix our dishonesty

I wrote a blog post a month plus back, stating that Apple had a string of mishaps and was this a dent in the armour. Well im not surprised at all by this behaviour from Apple and it seems they don’t think its a big deal. You can only hope consumers vote with their money and whilst Apple has a large base every non sale helps the cause for honesty.

I hope Apple gets done with a nice lawsuit and shortening product life is something companies don’t dare do.