Apples little trick to boost sales mid way through a products life

Early April and its around 7 months since tha latest iphone dropped. Anyone thinking of buying has the massive aspect of “wait for the new Iphone in 5 months” hanging over their buying decision. What can a company do that rarely reduces prices on their products to get sales when they start to drop?!

Introduce a “limited” or “special edition” version! The red iphone is a refreshing change up to the sleek black, silver or whatever colour is your flavour. I gotta give it to Apple the red really screams “limited edition come snap me up, im special!”

product red iphone
Product red Iphone

Its easily a way for Apple to just plop the same phone that has reclined in sales back onto the market at its regular price but with a skin change and like magic they sell.

It is also another excuse for Apple to spam advertising and promote this unique product. The media, tech blogs will pick up on it and again…. promote the Iphone and Apple. Nifty as it gets. Free marketing and a sales pickup.

Limited edition or just different colour?

Personally for me being an Iphone edition behind right now a red iphone wont push me over the line. I think its cool and apart from using a case if a red Iphone was a choice on release day id most likely grab one. But for now Apple is using this limited edition colour as a way to keep the sales flowing as hype builds for the next and new Iphone