Australia on the path for censorship and suppression

Accuracy and honesty, they are two bare minimal aspects needed by journalists for their job in reporting to and informing the public. Not shape or push in a direction but inform.

Reporting the truth is always the truth, if its reporting on lies then it is poor journalism and undeserving to be read. Click bait, overreaction and bias are other dimensions to what makes so called journalism rubbish.

Fresh from the election there has already been intimidation on journalists simply doing there job. First it was Annika Smethurst and now ABC all because of reporting on military reports and for Smethurst reporting on plans for easier spying on citizens, which did not paint a pretty picture.

If they did happen put Australia’s “security” at risk then the AFP kicking doors down gets it more attention, high priority documents or not. A lot more attention in fact. So really is it for best interests or intimidation on the path for control?

To put it simply the police got involved and tried to remove journalists publications.

Suppressing articles and information, hiding information from the public. Sounds a lot similar to what China does or the KGB did back in the Soviet Union. Make us all ignorant, shape us because we are at your control.

Also sends strong signals that the Australian Government wants full control over the media and the ability to hide any information it wants. How great is that?! Zero accountability for actions of those that have great control.

Its like the ability to put backdoors to spy in software and go through your devices at security checkpoints. The rushing to control what you see and what you learn, whilst having full control over what they can see.

Control what you see and read

Biggest issue being no one seems to care, The Australian public just voted the NLP back in. Such an exciting time to look forward to as an Australian (sarcasm). The Australian people had there chance, Maybe Labor wouldn’t be much better in these aspects if thats the case then put a fork in us, we are cooked.

In the growing great reliance on internet and tech they wrecked our chances for decent internet, brought in the snooping law making Australian developers who say no to implementing a backdoor open to criminal sanctions.

Using the internet for education, learning, informing and communicating seems a much better prospect than locking Australians down and removing every bit of privacy dont you think?!