Australian Government incompetence creates another CentreFail

The Australian Government is so shortsighted and foolish that they labelled the demand crashing MyGov, caused by 1 million jobs being lost as DDos.

Who in their right mind aside from these old, overpaid tech-illiterate politicians would believe or let alone think that there is a rebellious group sitting around waiting for 9 am on a Monday morning to smoke the MyGov servers with network packets?

mygov website

Stuart Robert the minister for Government services did, or perhaps didn’t want to face the truth that he failed at his job. MyGov was dead in the water right when hundreds of thousands needed to be using it because the Government forced closure of cafes, pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Inaction then lies at time of need

The closure was the right call, the Government however should have known the demand for Centrelink on Monday morning was going to be massive.

Yet nothing was done, no server scaling or queue system implemented and true to form the website went down. Stuart Robert would then claim “DDos” as to the Liberal party protocol for preying on dumb Australians.

Demand isn’t DDoS

This was then offered up “My bad, not realising the sheer scale of the decision on Sunday night by the national leaders”. Incompetence might be too nice of a term to use for Stuart Robert who has singly failed at a time he needed to stand up and do something for once.

We investigated it, and I probably should have waited for the investigation before jumping the gun and believing the warnings….the investigation showed there was no evidence of cyber attack. The warnings just showed the massive influx that came into our systems.


I will never understand how one can not figure out that after cutting 1 million jobs the website that houses claims for welfare isn’t expected to be slammed. It is one of the easiest happenings to put two and two together.

Stuart Robert fits in well with the current corrupt, self-centred and illogical Australian Liberal party. It is him who should be in the 400-metre plus queues that after hours of waiting get told to go home.

There are plenty of things going wrong right now, mostly related to  Scott Morrison’s ability to make the easy hard and decisions that turn out clear as mud. With that said what happened to the MyGov website and the aftermath is a disgrace.

No forward-thinking, no being one step ahead and no use of brains apparently. What was Stuart Robert doing Sunday when the business closures were being discussed? and why did he lie about why MyGov went down?

If one thing can be achieved from this failure is that anyone impacted by this Centrelink failure puts their vote to use next time. Time and time again the Liberal Party has let Australia down maybe this time people will wake up.