Best 11 freebies for student developers

Students can get a lot of stuff mostly software or subscriptions for free. Whilst it wont last forever it is still handy to have for a few years without paying. Here is my top 11 free stuff for students with a developers aspect.

Jetbrains IDE

Jetbrains has some nice IDE’s for many different languages, PHP Storm is fantastic for web design and development its what i use.


With the Github student pack you can can the paid version of Github for free, which means private repos and gists. very useful to hide your ugly code or secret projects.

Microsoft software

This depends on your institution but you should have access to office 365 tools meaning you can download and use Microsoft software for free.

Windows licenses

Dreamspark gives you keys to the likes of: Visual studio, windows 10 & 8.1 and Windows server 2012, 2008 & 2016.

Digital Ocean credit

Part of the Github student pack you get $50 Digital Ocean credit when you deposit $5. Digital Ocean is a provider of cloud services,  $50 credit should see you get a low end VPS for a year.

NameCheap free .me domain

Part of the Github student pack you can get a .me domain name free for a year, its not too much of a big deal. In the end though it is free.

AWS credit

AWS Amazon web services offer $100 for students to use towards cloud computing.


Autodesk the CAD and 3D software creator offers students free use of its popular software.

Amazone prime

Amazon offers students 6 months of prime for free, this is a great deal if you are in the USA.

Spotify half price

Spotify give 50% off to students. Whilst there are methods to free music the ease of using Spotify cannot be ignored.

Stripe fee waving

Part of the Github student pack you can use Stripe without paying fees up until your first $1000 earned.