Best sitemap plugin for wordpress

Having an up to date sitemap is crucial for your website or blog. It helps crawlers find your pages and content, ranking them accordingly. In the case of WordPress making a sitemap is easy and of course it involves a plugin.

The plugin is Google XML sitemaps. The use is very simple, install it and it automatically creates a sitemap. To make the most of this you need a Google webmasters account for your website. From here getting crawled and added to Google is actually a less complex matter than you’d expect.

Google XML Sitemap
XML Sitemap header

You can of course modify some settings for Google XML sitemaps if you know what you’re doing and what your sitemap done different. I believe the only changes I made to the settings was including the tag pages in sitemap content. I also leave Do not use automatic priority calculation selected, As I want Google to testify and judge my content on what is my best work. I don’t want to favour a post that isn’t SEO sound or that Google has a hard time ranking, post quality and let it do the work automatically.

To test that your websites sitemap was created type in its domain name followed by /sitemap.xml in a web browser and it should load up a strange webpage mostly with links. It pays to also occasionally submit your sitemap url to Google in Google webmasters to quicken the crawl process up.

Google XML sitemaps is a must have plugin in my opinion for WordPress, its simple and does its job without being a clutter and freemium. Install it today and be on the path to well ranking content.