Big Bash Commentators Cheeky, faked KFC ad

I have written about this before…KFC have ads everywhere at the cricket, KFC this, HCG that and Backyard bucket that. Check this sneaky BS that the BigBash commentators tried to pull:

doesnt look like a mistake to me, rather an elaborate product placement. Ricky Ponting wasnt fond of the fried chicken companies offering but reluctantly through a piece down. Graeme Swann also played up by doing the catch the food ‘trick’, if the camera’s really where off he’d be throwing down handfuls of the stuff.

I don’t have an issue if the behind the scenes look was a mistake but it clearly wasnt, it was cringy acting for something that is so saturated in advertising at the cricket. Perhaps next we will see Howie calling the game in between throwing down a KFC zinger burger.