Blackberry its time to give it up

Its surprising that Blackberry the mobile phone manufacturer still exists. You gotta dig deep to wonder why because they stopped being relevant around 2005.

The touch screen smart phone market came along and blew these ugly, clunky device makers away. But yet in 2018 Blackberry is still functioning, strangely. The “best” thing to come from Blackberry was BBM Black berry messenger which stood no chance in the modern world with apps like Whatsapp, Facebook and Snapchat being the obvious popular choice.

Now when I mean its 2018 and Blackberry is still functioning the only functioning they are doing is whingeing and taking other companies to court. First it was Facebook for their apparent copying of BBM saying they infringed on patents. Recently Blackberry has gone after Snapchat for infringing on patents with Snapmaps apparently being Blackberries property.

Here we have a dying company in Blackberry getting mad and upset at other tech companies for actually being somewhat successful. I understand companies have to protect their brand but Blackberry you failed, so don’t get mad at those who can deliver on ideas.

As i look at the Blackberry website today they are still selling phones with keyboards and are big on “secure” smartphones. Thats a pity because no one is interested in a Blackberry phone and from Blackberry’s recent “claims” of infringement they aren’t doing anything to stay afloat.