Bloggers watermark your images!

As a creator its important to protect your work, you do this through a watermark. A watermark is a logo or text that identifies an image/video to its creator. The identifier is usually transparent and put in the corner. Strict protection see’s watermarks all over the image.

I watermark my drone images or images i take for a few reasons; Obviously to claim them as mine, when they pop up in Google image search they can see “corbpie” in the bottom of the image. If it gets downloaded or linked in a forum i get my branding included.

Of course they can crop or resize the image and remove the watermark but the image gets smaller and it losses some quality. I always have the original, full size copy! It’s this protection that makes your images unique, defines you as the owner and no one else can steal it.

Image reading AI exists and no doubt Google will be able to pick up my watermark in images, so if my domain has good SEO value, trust and standing then Google may be more inclined to rank my images higher because it can find and see distinguishable watermarks.

if you search one of the locations i have flown a drone out (link) you get the images with the watermarks, so if anyone only views the image and doesn’t follow through to the post they can still see “corbpie” as the images creator. This can build on recognition if they search for nearby locations or other location images gets included in the search.

Obviously you shouldn’t and don’t watermark images you find of an Image search. Thats illegal and wrong. Create your own images all you need is a smart phone to take pictures of something you’re reviewing or an object you’re blogging about.

I do my watermarks in LightRoom as once enabled and setup it does it automatically on export. You can also add them with Photoshop or with just the simple text tool.