Blogging on an iPhone

Here I am, sitting in the passenger seat of a car with the WordPress app open on my iPhone 7 plus. Let’s see what it’s like to type up a post on a mobile device.

Starting of the iPhone 7 plus is a larger phone almost in phablet proportions. In this case I assume it would be be better than using a normal size iPhone/phone. The iOS WordPress app is simple and has all you need. They recently added plugin management too. I do believe they have been putting a lot of work into the app with its regular updates.

The WordPress app in my mind would be perfect for tablets (iPad) if you’re wanting to type up posts whilst travelling or away from your laptop/computer. Where using a phone to write up posts may not be effective if it’s the only way for someone to make a post then great!

Small screens have limits

I think the WordPress app on phones would better be used for photo uploads, publishing and editing posts. Writing up something decent would be inefficient. Uploading photos to your WordPress is something I have done several times before, very handy.

Something that’s possible but outside of WordPress is speech to text. Whilst you can’t do this when travelling generally if you do have alone time you could speak to your iPhone and get it to put that into text. Editing this would still need to be done.

That’s that done! In the 10-15 minutes I took to write this my phone lost 6% of battery, I feel cramped and I am frustrated at auto spell. Of course as I said above the WordPress mobile app has uses and cases to use, but if you have a laptop/computer or even tablet around stick with it.

As I went to post this of course all of the useful seo plugin was missing so I couldn’t see if I this was going to post with good seo structure. I’ll need to check this later on the computer.