Breaking news; Mosquito emoji is missing a leg in IOS 12.1

It’s a disaster right?! Reddit user KsbjA made the Apple subreddit aware that the highly sought after mosquito emoji was missing a leg. Reddit users where quick to roll some typical Apple jokes and stereotypes.

apple broken mosquito emojixuansoon “Must be a bug”

docodine “Returning my XS today over this”

Furs_And_Things “iPhone basically useless now.”

Gnahziurnah “Buying Samsung S9 as we speak”

My personal favorites being:

TheCommentAppraiser “The extra leg is an in-app purchase.”

and Wookiees_uncle “You gotta buy the dongle.”

There are also mentions of this not happening under Steve Jobs which pays home age to the notion that Apple has declined since its founders passing.

Whilst it is not major issue it shows that even the biggest companies let errors through. Would it have been hard to thoroughly check the finished emojis before pushing them onto release? No it would not have been, It not like they needed to do user or code testing either. Simply looking at the design would have picked up the mistake.

You can read the full Reddit post here.