Is browser crypto mining the future of website revenue?

Javascript mining – using the users of your website to mine crypto currency. It causes high cpu usage which could potentially shorten your cpu lifespan, it will cause heat and burn power. If the website states it mines crypto I don’t have an issue either should any one else but doing it sneakily for users of non powerful computers is wrong.

coinhive cpu

is the ‘evil’ behind the web browser mining. The good thing for those that hate the idea of putting the cpu at 100% when browsing a website is that you can block it. To block JS mining in the browser take one the following approaches:

  • Download the browser addon called Nocoin
  • Using the addon adBlocker make sure to block ads by URL and add:
  • Use uBlock Origin which should automatically block mining scripts


As a website owner is running these scripts better than ads? Well it depends on the usage case and ad quality. The whole idea of running scripts that use up your cpu in the background is undoubtedly worse that having ads. JonPanama ran a test to see how much Coinhive would make you, it wasn’t much. A Laptop with an Intel I7 6700HQ did 76 hashes/second and 273600 hashes/hour 0.0000408796875 XMR/hour = $0.00378

If you also consider large chunks of web traffic coming from mobiles the hashes will be a lot lower.. so the efficiency for now is low, the whole idea has a bad rap in web users mind it’s not looking good for Coinhive right now. However if Monero rises, which is likely using Coinhive could pay of somewhat and it could see an increase in use unfortunately for web users.