BunnyCDN; The cheapest CDN

BunnyCDN You’ll probably laugh too if its your first time hearing that. But to me BunnyCDN is the cheapest CDN, Not only is it very cost-effective and efficient BunnyCDN is also packed with features and has many servers across the globe. If you don’t know what a CDN is learn here.

To start of BunnyCDN is prepaid, so you deposit money (min $10) and as data gets pulled from your ‘pull zone’ you get charged. BunnyCDN’s pricing as of November 30th 2017 is:


Europe & North America$0.01 per GB
Asia & Oceania$0.03 per GB
South America$0.045 per GB
South Africa$0.06 per GB

Now the great thing about BunnyCDN is you can enable and disable zones, So you can just a have CDN for North America and Europe. Maybe just for Asia & Oceania this makes BunnyCDN even more cost-effective and to suit all projects and needs.

To see BunnyCDN’s server locations look at this image

BunnyCDN server locations

It’s all you need, BunnyCDN also allows custom host names and the ability to have storage CDN’s. BunnyCDN have a WordPress plugin allowing you to easily incorporate a CDN into your WordPress website and BunnyCDN also pride themselves on being used for media distribution like videos and images.

As you may expect BunnyCDN has an api for those really wanting to automate and save themselves 1 minute of going through the web page. Access to logs and live monitoring  are more features of BunnyCDN which really drives home the point that they are a simple, lightning fast and cheap CDN.