BunnyCDN Bunny optimizer feature

Currently in beta BunnyCDN’s new Bunny Optimizer feature is a another way to further compress and efficiently serve your files and images around the globe.

Using a CDN like BunnyCDN is excellent to speed up websites but there are always more methods to further speed up delivery.

bunnycdn bunny optimizer

Right now and until June 2019 its free to try out, it will be $9.50 per month after this period. As it stands right now it looks to hold great value especially if you have a website that serves a lot of images.

Bunny Optimizer features

Bunny Optimizer contains:

  • WebP compression
  • Image manipulation engine ($0.005 per 10k requests)
  • Minify CSS and JS files
  • Image optimization
  • Watermarks

The minifying of CSS and JS files can be down before feeding to the CDN but it makes the process easier and would be super helpful for a WordPress website.

Image manipulation engine deserves its own post which i will link here. This feature looks very handy for image sites.

Image optimization

Image optimization allows you to set max desktop image width and quality % along with max image mobile width and quality %.

This allows to make images load quicker by compressing them down and making them “smaller”. You could set a value of 50% image quality for mobile and a higher value for desktop which theoretically has a faster internet speed.

Watermark feature

Lastly the watermark feature provides you with the ability to have your images watermarked on the fly with the image (watermark) of your choice, border offset and position on the image i.e bottom left, bottom right etc… You can also set the minimum image size to watermark which saves watermarking tiny thumbnails.

Price wise Bunny Optimizer will or should be something only enabled for larger sites. The cost alone is more than most websites would spend on BunnyCDN traffic alone. If you serve images and a lot of them then great value and simplicity can be found especially with the image Optimizer engine.