BunnyCDN just got better

Late 2017 I wrote this post about BunnyCDN, in short the post was about BunnyCDN being the best valued CDN available. However I am fully understanding of cheap isn’t or most likely the best option. BunnyCDN is different and these new improvements show.

Announced on the 8th of August in this blog post BunnyCDN has added 9 new server locations making the overall count 34! This to me was even more of a surprise as Melbourne, Brisbane Perth and Auckland servers got added to boost the Oceania zone. It is the strong presence in the Australian region that should prove to be a winner for BunnyCDN because at the price point of $0.03 per Gigabyte (3 cents) that’s very cheap for Australia traffic.

The Kansas City location also got removed due to poor performance and it was noted by BunnyCDN that its removal bought about a performance improvement. Well done to BunnyCDN for seeing an issue and fixing it, rather than potentially just leaving it up to stat pad locations.

Here is the updated BunnyCDN location map:

bunnycdn locations 2018
BunnyCDN locations 2018

BunnyCDN also stated that they have optimized the routing to further bring down latency by almost 10%. Stating that in Europe BunnyCDN is a top 3 performing CDN service, that’s amazing considering BunnyCDN is the most affordable CDN services.

Affordable high performing CDN

BunnyCDN has made a high performing CDN service available at a low price. Feature and location rich BunnyCDN is highly attractive to use for websites and even file storage. Storing videos/large files costs just $0.01/GB monthly source that’s awesome value.

Perhaps BunnyCDN will be a trail blazer for the CDN market, bringing down prices and forcing fierce competition in a market that has forever lacked options for everyone and every need. Right now the more “premium” services will have the large corporation support but BunnyCDN will be adored by the smaller groups or individuals.

If you are after a CDN that performs well, has all the features you need and wont drive you broke check out BunnyCDN.