Carbon; Create images of code is a web app that turns code snippets into images. Is this needed? Well I cant see why there would be huge demand for something that turns a slab of code into an image.

On the Carbon GitHub using the images for Twitter is stated but it’s not hard to snip and upload. Putting code (images or not) on Twitter isn’t really the best way to get your point/struggle/answer across.

Using code snippets on blogs and websites is a big deal. It makes it easier for the reader to grab and interact with the code. Code in an image makes this pointless.

Another aspect of putting text into an image brings accessibility issues. The blind would not be able to use these coded images at all. Wherby simple embedded code snippets works fine.

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Carbon; code to image

Understandably Carbon has been created well. It can handle all the coding languages under the sun and comes packed with many themes and color styles. There are also editor plugins for Carbon which make its use easy, if you have a use for it.

The execution of Carbon was well done but in reality the idea of code in an image is a poor one. Its side ways thinking.