Case in point; Learn from honest reviews

The Mollymook motel has apparently no awareness to actions have consequences and poor service is costly, after charging $50 for a “false review” that was apparently defamatory.

In what type of instance does leaving a 6/10 review for a motel and stating “location was good, a bit noisy and unsure if they do room service” become defamatory?

Charged $50 for leaving a false review

It doesn’t, its ridiculous as is charging $50 for a “false review” in which the review was completely legitimate.

There are plenty of other accusations a hotel quest could throw around to make it a false and defamatory review but saying it was a bit noisy and the room wasn’t serviced isn’t.

What Mollymook motel should have done was cop it on the chin, learn from the review and improve. That is what reviews are for and good businesses love reviews for this.

Reviews straight up tell you what is being done right and what isn’t, or somewhere in-between. Mollymook motel in charging a $50 fee for an honest review has and will cost them business.

As a business that sits in Southern NSW which suffered horrible bushfires Mollymook motel doesn’t have a lot of reason to be carrying on over honest reviews, they also seemingly have history with this too.

Brand damage

This incident spread like wild fire, amongst elite Facebook users and the Reddit thread provided more examples of the owner threatening legal action over defamatory reviews that claim the kettle was rusty and there being no soap.

When there are plenty of cases that reviews point to issues and the motel falling short of providing a comforting stay then there are grounds to say that Mollymook motel has operating issues and poor service.

Not many people go out of their way to make up and leave a negative review for a motel stay unless they had a certain incident that made them seek petty revenge.

If the man behind the counter was rude or unhelpful and there was no soap in the bathroom then chances are a review and more will be left. Had there just been no soap and the man behind the counter was joyful not many would bother to leave a negative review for that.

Thankfully one of these review incidents hit main stream media and Mollymook motel has to eat some humble pie and accept that negative reviews can be honest too and if so, its not defamatory. Another honest statement is Mollymook Motel needs a shake up and this could be it.