Casey Neistat; 368 failed before it was born

A quick run down: Casey Nesitat is a well-known vlogger from NYC, Decently skilled in video editing, alright at motivating and good at story telling. Casey is a shill, a walking promoter. He is in a lot of arrangements with brands and businesses to plug their products, name drop or do feature videos.

Casey Along with Matt Hackett came up with Beme, I never used Beme but the concept was similar to Snapchat. Fast forward a bit and CNN buys Beme for (rumored) $25 million in 2016. Then early 2017 CNN has had enough and shuts down Beme. The whole Beme idea for Casey to some can be called a win like selling it for $25 million, but for it to only last 2 years and then die. It’s a fail. CNN should not have bought it, not for that much anyway if they are just going to see it die a year later.

During the Beme days Casey did a daily vlog, mostly to support and boost Beme so it was no surprise when he came up with his next big idea 368 that the daily vlog will return.

Casey never really went through the specifics of 368 but we go clues and little bits along the way. 368 was labelled as a collaboration company, for content creators big and small.Yes that’s right a place for YouTubers to get together and “create”. Aside from being a sell out how is Mr Neistat going to get an income from this? The 368 offices is the same spot that saw Beme fall, from the vlogs it has undertaken a makeover perhaps to remove the stench of failure.

Back in the early videos of the “series” Casey introduced Dan Mace another YouTuber and creator who would help Casey film and edit. Dan was a fresh additive to Casey’s videos with humor and a relaxed personality.

Since coming out on the 6th of April and stating that the idea of 368 and return of the daily vlog Casey has missed days in the “daily” vlog, notably as of now its been 5 days since his last video which was a shark bit his hand of . Has Casey finally run out of ideas? out of creative content?

Not convinced at the start and not convinced now. What went through Casey Nesitats head when he planned and thought out 368? Did he plan at all? YouTube is not giving its users much ad revenue, its been this way for a while now and sure he can get money for “advertising” but what is the sole income and use of 368?!

Sure it can help others grow their channel, help others get ideas and edit content but this doesn’t help Casey get money. Is YouTube paying him to get 368 together and bring its top creative content users together as one?

The 368 story hasn’t run its course, we don’t know all but we do know it’s on shaky ground and its idea isn’t one for decent monetary gain.