Changing Laravel default login route

How to change the default Laravel authentication routes such as Login and register to your own custom-defined routes.

Laravel change default login routeThis example will change the default login route from /login to /signin.

I am using Laravel UI which comes with embedded authentication routes. These are called with Auth::routes(); in the routes/web.php file.

The best way to create your own custom route for login is to disable the default Laravel UI route

Auth::routes(['login' => false]);

Then define your own

Route::get('signin', 'App\Http\Controllers\Auth\LoginController@showLoginForm');
Route::post('signin', 'App\Http\Controllers\Auth\LoginController@login')->name('login');

Use the source as a template for controller and functions, by keeping the route named as login it will automatically be this custom route whenever a redirect to “login” occurs.

Now to change /register to /create

Auth::routes(['login' => false, 'register' => false]);

Route::get('create', 'App\Http\Controllers\Auth\RegisterController@showRegistrationForm');
Route::post('create', 'App\Http\Controllers\Auth\RegisterController@register')->name('register');

Make sure to run php artisan route:cache after editing routes.