Channel 7s coverage of the Brownlow sub par

Further and further into commercialization does the Brownlow awards ceremony slip, As we progress into the digital age visually there is a lot of fluff that can cloud a sports award ceremony.

The Brownlow count is historically held on a Monday, a work night where most don’t want to be staying up to 11pm. I feel sorry if you are an early riser because watching a drawn out ceremony wouldn’t be on your cards, especially in the manner it is run.

Starting off with the red carpet where it’s about the wives and girlfriends + their garment, which mostly is worn to gather attention in the fashion ranks. The red carpet coverage ran till 8:30, that would drive anyone nuts who just wanted the count to begin and progress.

Finally when the count starts its padded out with ads and general hyperbole that quiet frankly im sure no one enjoys. Cringy interviews, the same old questions year after year.

There was times in the past that actually gave the event a boost, kinda in a bad way. Drunk Brendan Fevola going around interviewing players was a humourous event. Those involved didn’t think it was funny but it sure was a change-up. It wasnt politically correct but it makes you look at the event in a “this is so boring now” way.

understandably ads are a natural occurence, however the AFL and CH7 are money making machines and how much is enough? Sadly running in the monopoly doesn’t play in fans favorites, CH7 as a whole are shocking with the footy, ask anyone. The commentary is a boring circle of favorites and past players who just don’t appeal.

Last nights count at the beginning was a stretched out, slow progress between the rounds and until finally the winner was discovered (Tom Mitchell) did 2 round fly by in about 30 seconds. A miracle, usually in between the rounds we get ads, a made to be hype video and a cliché player interview.

In my eyes to fix the Brownlow you need to go to the basics, it wont happen under Gil but less commercialization and profit driven results making way for more emphasis on the importance of the Brownlow. Its AFL’s biggest night and being honest its run by clowns pushing a cart full of cringe. Yuk.