Chevereto a self hosted Imgur alternative

In this day and age image hosting is incredibly popular and well used, screenshots, memes and content being uploaded and linked across the web.

Fast uploads without accounts often being the go, Imgur in a nut shell. Allowing you to drag images to Imgur and then use them on Forums, Reddit and the like. The issue being is your image then belongs to Imgur, they control its fate. You can’t get traffic, SEO, ad revenue from having your image/s on a platform like Imgur.

Factor in Imgur also at times over compressing your images to save them space, they can become an annoyance no matter how easier and convenient to use.

Thats why you need to self host these things, take full control over the image, its rights and its future on the internet.

Best selfhosted image script

Chevereto is from my eyes the best alternative to image hosting sites such as Imgur, not because it kind of looks like Imgur but more because its fast, feature packed, easy to set up and it works!

Chevereto webp site 2019Claiming to be “The most complete and configurable image hosting script on the planet” is no lie. Chevereto is one impressive project, one that also happens to be genuinely useful.

A demo setup of Chevereto is here.


The feature list is huge, from creating and managing users to likes, follows, image resizing, watermarks, tagging and albums. Seriously the features on Chevereto are A+, you can’t be mad that the free version is a delayed pro edition because it’s still packed and an awesome service for something that is free.

Just look at this list….

Cheverto features 2019
Cheverto features list is huge


Installing┬áChevereto is very easy. For web servers you just need to browse to the installer php file in your web directory, it doesn’t get easier than that.┬áChevereto also has a Docker installer and is in Softaculous too for those with cPanel.

It is important to note how easy Chevereto is to install because a lot of selfhosted projects and services can be off-putting with all the loops you need to jump through to get the darn thing running.

Open source

Of course Chevereto is open source, like all the self hosted goodies. You can view the free version source code here at GitHub.

The free version of Chevereto certainly is decent enough, however the paid licences are for lifetime of the version at your purchase time. With the cheapest being the personal “core” single domain for $45 USD. The current version is v3 so if you bought a license you would have lifetime access to Chevereto pro v3. Note there is no v4 in development at the moment.