Chocolate easter egg for $80

An $80 easter egg makes you wonder whats it made of? or how big is it? well what if it’s just chocolate and only 1kg in size? Thats what this Lindt gold bunny is

80 dollar easter egg
credit: NFPICT

image courtesy of NFPICT you can see the $80 or $8 per 100g specimen in all its glory. New the price tag states making you wonder if new is because it’s coming to easter of because we havent seen this type of rip off before?

Easter eggs are already expensive bits of chocolate where you are paying through the roof for just effectively the packaging and shape of the chocolate. This takes the whole scenario and times it by one hundred.

In just a regular chocolate block not on sale you can get the ‘rate’ of $1.43 per 100g. Whilst it’s not the so-called premium chocolate from Lindt it is still undoubtably better value.

Maybe its the gold wrap, branding, red ribbon and bell in a bunny shape that is the real selling point for this $80 snack. I cannot see any other way that this is value or a deal, you don’t have to be a tight arse or OzBargainer to see the great waste of money this item is.

The smartest thing you can do when shopping for easter eggs is to do it after easter or mostly buy chocolate blocks and bars. The value is in the ordinary.

Interesting enough is if these blocks remain after easter (highly likely) even at 50% and 75% off there is no value to be had.