Clearing all of the cache types in Laravel

How to clear all of the different Laravel cache types using the Laravel Artisan console.

Clearing the application cache

The application cache or simply said as “cache” is the data retrieval or processing tasks that are cached to speed up the application. Most often these are set on a time expiry however to destroy all of the Laravel application cache run:

php artisan cache:clear

Clearing the route cache

After modifying any of your routes file you will need to clear the route cache this can be done with the following:

php artisan route:clear

Clearing the config cache

To refresh your config cache use:

php artisan config:clear

Clearing view cache

Not often needed as Laravel can pick up on view changes and compile the new view automatically, however you can manually clear the view cache

php artisan view:clear

Clearing the events cache

If caching Laravel events you can destroy the cache with:

php artisan event:clear

Clearing all

An all in one command to clear the above cache types at once

php artisan optimize:clear