Colour Hunt; yet another colour palette website

I know that I have done similar posts on colour scheme inspiration websites, but i want to do one more. Colour Hunt is a colour sharing community which showcases user made palettes from 3 to 5 colours.

Really the function of this website and others is the same, you view, see and get colour or theme inspiration for a design piece. I do have to say though Colour Hunt is very simple and it works well.

Colour Hunt website
Colour Hunt

When you hover over a palette or specific colour in that palette it has the feature of clicking to copy the hex colour code, neat. This makes it very easy to transfer the colour palette from Colour Hunt to your workspace.

You can also get the source style codes for the colours in SCSS, Sass, Less and CSS again making Colour Hunt good for web developers. Hearts (likes) are also shown for each palette and with time I assume you can filter the palettes by most hearts.

Colour Hunt palette

Whilst these types of websites exist in numbers, each one is different and has different palettes and features. For something so simple its effective.