Consumers spent $890M on the App store during christmas week

IOS device users didn’t hold back during Christmas spending $890 million in the app store. Phil Schiller from Apple said app developers made $26.5 billion dollars in 2017 which is a jump of 30% from 2016. Pokemon GO was very popular during this period along with Snapchat and shopping apps.

apple app store modern

The Apple app store is said to be more profitable than the Google play store despite their being a lot more android users. Is this a sign that Apples subscription based payment models are raking in the money?

app developers made $26.5 billion dollars in 2017

It sure is a good sign that app developing isn’t slowing down and the revenue or income from creating an app is still very viable. Advertisers too would be licking their lips at news like this, app ads whilst annoying are the easiest way for free app developers to make revenue.

The pay2win model of in game currencies and loot boxes for games is ever growing, it cops alot of ‘hate’ or anger by gamers but in the end if its making money it will stay. These options are very tempting to children who have their parents credit card.