corbpie is no longer corn pie

It has taken a couple of years but finally a visiable indent has been made.

Since forever Google has been recommending and even sometimes such as when searching images redirecting to the term corn pie when inputing Corbpie. That’s fine and completely fair enough, the search traffic for corn pie would be huge however finally things have changed.

Against trends

Typing Corbpie into Google no longer redirects to corn pie nor does it show corn pie results. This is a great indicator on brand building and SEO, Google recognizes the word Corbpie and no longer thinks its a miss spelling for some dish.

celebrate gif

Domain growth, key word growth and finally branding growth are in full swing. Most noteably the past 2 years although i have been doing bits and pieces since 2016.

This is all done without ads, without subscriber & mail lists and without spamming social media. Organic search traffic is on a steady incline and as this post states Google is giving reward for effort.

As it should be, i find being pure with content will not only please readers (humans) but also age the best.

What is the point of spamming keywords, irrelevant links and have the reader battle to find what they came looking for? I would also like to think Google will continue to get better at weeding out these bloated, mixed-intentions websites and give priority to those providing quality information.

Creating a web where Black hat SEO is irrelevant and ineffective.

As for when the Google bot comes to crawl this page; Corbpie is not corn pie.