Creating custom spawn locations for DayZ Standalone server

Creating new custom locations for DayZ player spawns is a simple task, so simple you don’t even need to go in-game to get positions.

The DayZ Standalone player spawn system is a lot more complex than just spawning in at a set position. Checks are done for min and max distances to players, zombies and buildings, plus there is also a grid system which will calculate a position from the stated position to spawn at.

You can of course refine this back to make the system spawn essentially right at your stated position.

Player spawn location file

The configuration XML file that handles the player spawns is


The first half contains these spawn placement “checks” as stated above.

Make your way towards the bottom half of the file where the opening tag is:


cfgplayerspawnpoints dayz
spawn locations

Inside this is each individual spawn position bubble that you get a chance of spawning at given the parameters stated above in the file.

<pos x="15017.80" z="13892.40" />

x is left/right and z up/down on a 2d plane.

You can delete the existing ones, or just add more custom ones onto the existing.

Getting spawn positions

Getting the position for a spawn position can be done several ways, the easiest and quickest would be going to iZurvive.

Zoom in and hover the location you want for a spawn point and press ctrl + c to copy it.

dayz custom player spawn locations izurvive

The position string will be in a format like this:

6884.00 / 11435.70

You can now work this into a <pos tag like:

<pos x="6884.00" z="11435.70" />

alternatively use code like PHP:

$copied_pos = '';

$arr = explode(' / ', $copied_pos);
echo "<pos x='$arr[0]' z='$arr[1]' />";


Work this newly created spawn point into cfgplayerspawnpoints.xml like so (i added two more examples):

<pos x="6884.00" z="11435.70" />
<pos x="7146.20" z="18224.05" />
<pos x="1288.60" z="24133.15" />


Now you have custom spawn locations that players have a chance of getting.