CSGOconfig uses you to mine bitcoin

Another day and we slump lower and lower it seems. It has now been revealed that CSGOconfig uses java script to mine bitcoins thanks to anyone browsing the site. Of course this wouldn’t be an issue if they disclaimed it, but they don’t. Its sneaky slimy but when you look at who owns CSGOconfig youll understand, ESEA does.

Mining bitcoin from a website causes your cpu usage to max out and of course burn more power. this Gif here from reddit user Mercedit

Shows CSGOconfig using bitcoin miners in the background.

Now of course you can get around this and b,lock web sites from using you to mine alt coins by using either:

No coin found here: https://github.com/keraf/NoCoin

or using uBlock Origin browser plugin to block live scripts.

Frankly its disappointing to see websites take this approach sneakily, it destroys trust and honestly you hope the karma train goes right over the top of them.