Customer support is crucial for digital services

A service is an Intangible product right!? One you can’t hold physically, but you can still certainly use a service. Services include but are not limited to: Internet, stream subscriptions, VPN, web hosting and software subscription. Now these digital services are usually paid by terms either monthly, quarterly or annually but they can go further.

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Compared to normal products mostly which are paid for upfront customers or users can see that if this service they are paying for each month isn’t up to standard they can easily leave whilst a physical product like a laptop they paid a large amount upfront. Its much easier to get out of a service that isn’t performing than return a laptop that isn’t what you thought it would be.

This is where customer service comes in, as per the title it is so crucial that sellers of services and subscription based products nail their customer support and care. Preventing uncertainty and disdain which could lead to the customer going to a competitor.

Services can have the feel on no control and when something goes wrong the customer cannot do anything to fix it except create a ticket. That is why it is great to keep the customer up to date, stick to what you say and always communicate to the customer. Keeping customers in the dark when your service goes down really isn’t smart.

Services having lower barriers to entry and ability to sell outside geographic limits and boundaries see more competitors and opposition i know when doing calculations on which service provider to choose customer support weights heavily. It was 10 years ago and will be 10 years from now, having good customer support and care will triumph.