DaFont convenience for creators and artists

DaFont is a website that hosts to this day over 30,000 different fonts. The fonts can be downloaded and installed easily to use for graphics, websites and designers. The fonts are split up nicely into categories and the home page shows a popular selection of fonts to get a general idea for what is the go in design at the time.

What i really like about DaFont is the forums section, mostly the part where users can submit images that has typography and request the name of the used font. Surprisingly most of the time the answer is there. The usability of the site is very solid, you can preview any of the fonts with your own custom text and see what all the letters, numbers and characters look like with the font.

DaFont review

Before DaFont rose up im sure designers would have downloaded mega packs of some website filled with ads and the risk of a virus would have been strong. But now DaFont has brought a strong whiff of convenience mixed with simplicity and just getting the job done. Which is providing custom fonts that can be sorted and viewed before easily downloading and installing.