Does Adobe care about piracy?

Adobe software ever so popular for creating all types of media, from photo editing to video to audio, graphics even web design Adobe has software for it. But Adobe always has faced scrutiny for its pricing of these products as per this post. Using Adobe for ‘free’ is a very common route taken and it’s surprisingly easy and safe.

I do not condone piracy.

Basically the popular method now days is simply downloading and placing a file in the legit installed Adobe software folder and it gives you an infinite trial. You can use the software for ever now without paying a cent. This method has been around for at least a year and is well-known so Adobe why don’t you care?

adobe piracy logo
Adobe dark side

Perhaps Adobe is aware of all the high schoolers and college students who simply can’t afford the high prices so they take the ‘free’ approach. It’s these students who learn and grow up on the Adobe platform which in time will see business and organisations pay out big dollars for the authentic Adobe suite. Adobe perhaps is resigned to living of its business plan users and letting its software be used and acquitted to the world’s youth.

Big market share paid or not

Rather than having no one use and no one pay for their software, Adobe wants people to use it and businesses to pay (a lot). It makes sense if you own large shares of the market for your massive collection of software. More people using it paid or free give the Adobe brand a boost.

Sure they wont admit they are allowing or brushing aside simple methods to use their software for free but at this stage it seems they are very relaxed and easy to pirate.

Weak stance to block a well known method

They essentially gave in to fighting of illegal software use and competitive prices to letting it happen, getting their software accessible to those that couldn’t touch it in the past and still making profit from the suckers that pay the jacked prices.

Dare a business try the ‘free’ method Adobe will drag them through the courts for big money, Adobe are just after the big pay days. From a corporate many user creative cloud subscription to suing a business for using cracked versions of it software. Adobe doesn’t care about the little guy.

As much as Adobe software can get negative stigma, it’s incredibly popular and can be used by beginners through to pros in its markets. Getting mass use and then even a small percent coming across to a paid subscription in the future is all the Adobe wants and sees.

Adobe doesn’t care about piracy enough to stop a generation growing up, creating and learning on its software.