dotBun fulfilling bunny content

Picked up on HackerNews Show, dotBun shows a random bunny image or video each visit. It is a throwback to what made the internet great in the early 2000’s; random yet quirky and enjoyable.

dotBun is a simple website, with the creator saying the content is taken from r/Rabbits with PHP being used to choose the random image. The website is light, images are webp format and as pointed out scores well in PageSpeed.

dotbun screenshot

Without being a website that will get repeat visits, dotBun is another case of a developers creativity to produce something that is unique. You don’t need an account to use or an adblocker blocking 8 pop-ups/content blocking object.

Perhaps and most likely there are other pages similar like ones for Puppies or Kittens, however being able to execute on a small project is satisfying. The process, ideas and thinking which are in the comment is the main part of the whole concept.