Downloading Reddit video with FFmpeg is Reddits native video uploader and player, with the free Reddit API endpoint and FFmpeg you can download videos easily.

If you prefer a more automated web system check out the PHP class and functions i built here. Not only does it download the video it can also fetch details and information.

Find direct video link

Start by having the Reddit post url that has a video and then get an API response for the post by putting .json at the end of the url.

An example being for the post


This will return one seemingly big piece of data with lots of information about the post.

A method to get the source quality with audio is to find the .mpd extension. This exists at dash_url. Using the example post above the .mpd link was

.mpd is a DASH file or simply put a directory to a video file but it directs to different qualities, audios etc.

You can see this in action by running: ffmpeg -i It will return a bunch of information and different “streams”.


To download the video all you have to do now is put this into a simple FFmpeg download command

ffmpeg -i -c copy saveasvid.mp4

The Reddit video will be downloaded at source quality hence the -c copy command and saved as saveasvid.mp4.

Read more about FFmpeg here.