DTube a legit YouTube competitor?

DTube is a video hosting platform created in 2016 that is decentralized, it is joined on with Steemit and users make crypto money from up votes, comments and views. It’s a totally different method to reward creators who on YouTube rely on ads rather than pays for engagement like DTube does. Back in November 2017 Steemit had 450,000 accounts.

DTube looks very YouTube like which is kind of worrying if you want DTube to be a stable platform that grows and stays the distance. Id be concerned that a similar design to YouTube brings in legality issues plus the YouTube design can give people nightmares from some of the absolute filth and rubbish that gets uploaded to the trashed platform daily.

DTube website

I say it a lot but competition is good for consumers and users. Anything to threaten or put pressure on an under performing company or service is an excellent way to get changes. Whilst the user base and viewers may be a great amount lower than YouTube you have nothing to lose as a creator in uploading to DTube as well as YouTube.

Something I noticed was on DTube you only have 2 quality settings; 480p and source I understand 480p being the lowest setting but having source as the highest?! it’s a bad idea, you don’t know what source is (720p, 1080p, 4k etc).

Honestly I don’t have a high expectations for DTube in the long run, i ofcourse hope it succeeds and challenges YouTube. Good luck to it.